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Writing doesn't have to be difficult

Let me guess,

  • You've tried to write a beautiful novel?
  • You want to finish that screenplay?
  • You've started a great blog and you hope you'll get a steady trickle of readers?


Then I know you probably want to smash your computer to the ground.

Some days you just feel like a hack. A complete buffoon.

Sure, right now you might be stuck in a tailspin, spiralling down, plummeting to the Earth ... but things don't have to be this crazy.

Writing doesn't have to be this horrific hurricane of a job.

Actually ...
It can be a delightful experience.

If you've got the guts and the grit to conquer your fears or you've got the daring and the courage to take on a spectacular project, then you're ready.

I'm going to be honest with you: I haven't written a best-selling novel. Hell, I haven't even finished half the projects I've started.

I'll tell you what though: You and I, we can help each other.

We all have to start somewhere.

Click here if you want to get straight into it and read the blog.

Otherwise, stick with me because this is about to get painful. 

I want you to ask yourself the one dreaded question you've been avoiding.

What do you struggle with most?

​It's a killer question, right?

Is it finding an audience who will offer you their unconditional support? Or are you lost inside your story and need some help to stop procrastinating and get back on track?

Look, you may already have a blog, some readers, and a few novels published.

But maybe now you're trying to earn some money and get paid for your time and your talent.

Is that it?

It turns out: 
Despite everything you've been told about about writing, it doesn't have to be a struggle.

Writing is not meant to be difficult.

In fact it's easier than you think.

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But, if you're anything like me, you might need a bit more time to work out what's best for you. 

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We've all struggled to find our audiences, we've all been lost from time to time, and we all want to get paid for our writing.

It's a familiar story...

It begins with you, and it can only get better from there.